A Warm Farewell to Burundi

OBR Audience

"I had the great pleasure of being received by his excellency the president of the Republic at the conclusion of my mandate as the first Commisionner General of Office Burundais des Recettes.

His excellency greeted me warmly and expressed his profound gratitude for the work that I have done in leading the OBR from inception to the point where it isnow collecting twice the revenue we were collecting before the OBR was formed.

His excellency referred to the fact the Reform in Burundi has been widely recognized around the world, not only by the international media but by the IMF and World Bank and other players. This has greatly increased the profile of Burundi in the international media and arena and this has huge importance for Burundi in terms of its ability to attract investments and create jobs in the future."


Farewell Message (in French)

Kieran Holmes vient de passer quatre ans à la tête de l'Office Burundais des Recettes. Son excellence le président de la République a expliqué ses vifs remerciements au Commissaire, parce que pendant le temps qu'il était à la tête de l'Office il est apparu que les recettes ont sensiblement augmentées ce qui a permis au gouvernement d'allouer certains budgets à certains secteurs porteurs de croissance économique : l'agriculture, l'élevage, l'énergie, l'éducation, etc.


Photos of the Commissionner General

Kieran Holmes' Farewell Party Gathering