With the President of Kiribati, the Hon Ieremia Tabai, in 1991

Key Lessons Learned

  • Creation of revenue authority produces substantial revenue gains
  • Revenue Authority is a vital component in the fight against corruption
  • Transparency in staff selection and appointments is essential
  • Revenue Authority creation facilitates effective state building
  • One-stop border posts are essential for trade facilitation and regional integration

My main achievements in Kiribati were:

  • A substantial increase in income tax revenues each year. By 1991, my final year, tax revenues showed a 400% increase,
  • Implementation of a new income tax law.
  • Creation of a Revenue Board.
  • Identification of the need to computerise the Taxation Division and thereafter working with a computer professional to establish the data bases and develop the assessing programme.
  • Successful negotiation of a Double Taxation Agreement with Australia.